Obamacare is Unlikely to Be Overturned

As the November midterm races get closer, there is a lot of talk about the possible overturn of Obamacare, aka, the Affordable Care Act.

When Obamacare became law years ago, it dug many Americans into a very deep hole. People found themselves ripped away from healthcare plans that worked for them and forced into a government-controlled system.

On top of this, former President Obama’s “if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor” promise did not pan out. To add insult to injury, people who wanted to dodge Obamacare altogether were forced to pay premium fees.

Unfortunately, the overturn of Obamacare isn’t something Americans should expect anytime soon, according to PJ Media.

The Harsh Reality About Obamacare

Despite the many bad features of Obamacare, its overturn under a Democratic president is not realistic. Obamacare passed when Biden was vice president; now, as president, Biden is doing everything possible to expand and build upon Obamacare.

Even if the House and Senate were under firm GOP majorities, Biden would never sign a repeal of his former boss’ prized law.

As things currently stand, Republicans will have the best shot of undoing Obamacare once the GOP is simultaneously controlling the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House.

What to Expect Regarding Healthcare

Earlier this month, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) spoke about healthcare during a town hall event in his home state.

Grassley mentioned that while the overturn of Obamacare isn’t something that’s going to happen, this doesn’t mean Republicans are giving up on healthcare altogether.

According to Grassley, one key objective of Republicans is going to be reducing the current rates of prescription drugs.

This is something GOP lawmakers have been working on for quite some time; yet, Democrats have been obstructing this every step of the way. Thankfully, Republicans will deal with less obstruction once Congress is no longer controlled by the Democrat Party.

During the same town hall event, Grassley also advised that Republicans will work on collective improvements to the nation’s healthcare system altogether.

Before Obamacare was forced into law, healthcare in the United States was much less expensive. However, this does not mean the overturn of Obamacare is the only way Republicans can better the healthcare system.

Given the current power balance in the federal government, Republicans (and Americans) are best served by seeking improvements in other ways. Then, later down the line, the GOP can work to overturn Obamacare once the power dynamics in the federal government allow it.