Obama is Trying to Walk Back His Humiliation of Biden

This past week, Democrats decided to have former President Barack Obama return to the White House for a visit. Obama’s visit just a few days ago marks his first time being back in the White House since he left in 2017.

Officially, Obama’s time in the White House was designed to celebrate Biden’s reinforcement of the Affordable Care Act. However, the timing of this visit can’t be missed.

Obama’s return came as Biden and Democrats across the board are suffering big time in the polls. Democrats are already projected to lose the midterm races, something the party isn’t happy about at all.

While Democrats got Obama to come back and drum up some excitement within the party, the former president’s visit highlighted the unpopularity of Biden, even amongst his own ranks, per The Blaze.

Uber Enthusiasm for Obama

Naturally, the 44th president’s return to the White House came with a lot of press, pictures, and videos. Yet, as footage of Obama’s time in the White House made the rounds online, there were some notable standouts.

For starters, Obama was seen surrounded by multiple officials and visitors of the White House. Everyone there was very clearly happy to see the former president.

Meanwhile, this footage also showed Biden aimlessly wandering around as everyone was engaging with Obama. Many people who saw these videos said it was very clear that Obama upstaged Biden and made a fool of him.

Clearly, this talk got back to Obama, who’s since tried to do damage control. On Tuesday, the former president responded to a photo of himself speaking with Biden, stating how much he appreciated Biden’s work to provide healthcare to Americans.

Obama’s Third Term?

Despite Biden officially having the title as president of the United States, many Americans do not believe that Biden is truly running the show.

Some people have said that what’s currently playing out today is Obama’s third term with Biden just being the president on paper only.

The viral footage showing Biden not being able to find anyone to speak with in a crowded room says it all. Since this display, some Americans have said Obama is the person secretly running the White House behind the scenes.

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden repeatedly used Obama’s name when he believed it would work to his advantage. Now, Biden has to live with this backfiring big time in his own White House.

No posts from Biden’s former boss will change what the entire nation witnessed on video.