NYC Mayor Warns Of Major Migrant Impact

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) warned this week that the impact of more than 150,000 migrants on his city will be significantly greater than previously believed. He also criticized the Biden administration, arguing that the Big Apple did not receive the resources necessary to handle the large wave of illegal aliens.

Adams said that the Democratic Party had “underestimated” how the flow of migrants would impact his city. Furthermore, he pointed a finger at the White House for not providing enough aid.

So far, New York City has spent more than $1 billion in handling the migrants and expects to spend more than $11 billion on the subject in coming years. Adams recently announced cuts to each agency in the city’s government.

The mayor said that the increased spending and lack of aid will result in “extremely painful” decisions.

“We’re going to have to see how do we deliver services to our agencies without the resources we normally have. We’re gonna have to become even smarter and better at delivering a product with less resources,” the mayor said.

He added that “everything’s on the table.”

New York has taken in the large number of migrants since last year. In general, the increase of illegal immigration correlates with President Joe Biden taking office in 2021. Furthermore, there has been a significant jump in the number of migrant crossings after the Biden White House announced earlier this year that it was ending former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 asylum policy.

There has been a significant number of protests due to the increase in migrants. Despite the city’s previous criticism of Trump’s immigration policy, New York has been busing migrants to other parts of the state.

The city has put up migrants in a number of hotels and government facilities since the current wave began.

In addition, a recent investigation found that tens of thousands of dollars of food intended for migrants have been thrown away daily. Some migrants complained about the quality of the free food being offered to them.

Protests in Staten Island opposed the city government’s plan to place a migrant encampment in the borough.