NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Urges Vaccine Mandates For City Subway Passengers

On his way out as mayor of New York City, Democrat Bill de Blasio, urges a vaccine mandate for anyone who wants to ride the city’s subway. Over the week, de Blasio tweeted:

As if the city’s panic-stricken covid policies haven’t burned the hole in it large enough, out of which many of the city’s most reasonable and valuable people are pouring out in droves to find a less oppressive government to live with.

According to a local ABC News affiliate in New York City, “320,000 people left New York City in 2020, a 237% increase from the year before.” In an interview for the station, former New Yorker Casey Madden said, “The temporary flight turned kind of permanent.”

She and her boyfriend left the Big Apple for the Sunshine State, settling near the beaches of Tampa, Florida. But it’s not just her location that changed.

Madden says it’s almost like she is a different person altogether, “went through more change in the last year than I have in my entire life.”

The once lifelong New Yorker and her boyfriend got engaged, got a new apartment in Florida, adopted a dog, and started a new life together.

And as a bonus, they do not have to live with the hysterical bullying of a city government that has gone from perennially overbearing to downright psychotic. They also likely gave themselves a huge pay raise out of all the money they will save on New York City’s outrageous state and local taxes.

New York City isn’t the only once-great bastion of commerce and civilization that is spewing a deluge of residents out who have had enough of the way the government does things there. The Great Migration from U.S. cities with high taxes, low privacy, and excessive regulations are gathering pace from all corners of the nation.

And it’s not just a peculiar fad of this odd era in American history. It’s a world-historical economic change, preceded first by the migration to big cities during the factory production phase of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

But it will make the red wave slap so hard in some places where people are moving to start a new life.