NYC May Raise Taxes Over Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said this week that he would consider all options to handle the current migrant crisis facing his city, including possible tax hikes. His concern comes as the city struggles with more than 150,000 migrants who have entered the Big Apple since last year.

Adams said that multiple options were “on the table” for the city to approach its projected $7 billion budget shortfall.

This included possible tax hikes, although he didn’t go into significant detail. However, he did say that “when you start raising taxes on middle-income, low-income New Yorkers, you’re placing them further in the hole.”

The mayor alluded to the city not receiving money from the federal government to handle the current crisis, which he called New York’s “insurance policy.”

“They’re not paying us,” he said.

He also hinted that layoffs could soon take place in the city.

The mayor’s recent comments came after he announced cuts to every city agency earlier this year. He estimated that New York had spent more than $1 billion caring for migrants so far and would be spending upward of $11 billion in the next several years.

The cuts included a reduction in the number of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers the city was planning to field after a significant increase in crime since 2019. As part of the cuts, libraries have also cut back on their open hours, while garbage pick-up will likely also be affected.

New York has attempted multiple approaches to the current migrant issue. Following years of sanctuary city rhetoric, Gotham has begun to bus migrants out of the city.

Furthermore, New York has intentionally sent migrants to other parts of New York that have not declared themselves sanctuary locations.

The city has also filled a number of hotels and public buildings with the migrants, causing a significant backlash from residents. This is the case, especially since a recent report that migrants were rejecting the free food given to them.