NYC Fire Department Puts Pressure To Eliminate Vaccine Mandates

A lot of questions are being raised about the current mayor in New York City, Eric Adams, by the New York City Fire Department for reversing vaccine mandates for athletes and celebrities, while emergency response workers are becoming unemployed due to their COVID-19 vaccination status.

There was a joint press conference held by President of FDNY Firefighters Association Andrew Ansbro and President of FDNY Fire Officers Association James McCarthy. This press conference was held on Saturday in order to demand Mayor Adams revoke the vaccine directives for firefighters working for the city and enter into new negotiations with the unions.

The firefighters who fearlessly fight for the locals every day are very important to the state’s economic stability. This was highlighted by McCarthy, as he had supported those firefighters who juggled multiple duties throughout the pandemic. He also mentioned that the entire FDNY was active during this time without any updated safety guidelines. He even stated that members were exposed to the virus as a result of their work, which further spread to their loved ones and families.

Eventually, many members had contracted the virus. But, even with depleted numbers, they continued to fight for the people of New York.

This is why McCarthy has urged the mayor to treat them equally, as they are responsible for the safety of the city. Instead, they are facing unemployment because of their vaccine status.

Ansbro also conveyed his point as he urged for the vaccination directive to be removed for all citizens. Both are arguing for firefighters and police to be treated the same as celebrities and the athletes. They want this vaccine directive to be removed and wish for discussions to take place regarding the mandate.

Nearly 1,400 NYC employees were let go from their jobs, and, according to Ansbro, nearly 500 firefighters could also be fired due to their unvaccinated status.