New York State to Call Inmates ‘Incarcerated Persons’

In a move certain to make those behind bars feel better about themselves, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday signed a name change into law. Instead of calling those in jail or prison “inmates,” the state will now refer to them as “incarcerated persons.”

The left’s fixation with changing the language continues with the bill sponsored by Democratic state Sen. Gustavo Rivera. He pushed the measure with the belief that using “inmate” dehumanizes the incarcerated.

This measure, he said, moves the state further along towards rehabilitation instead of merely punishment.

It’s the same state that recorded a 34.3% increase in murders last month compared to July 2021, and a 13.4% increase year-over-year in shootings.

Michael Fraser, spokesman for Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay, tweeted a welcome to “Democrat-controlled New York.” He added the quip that the “incarcerated individuals are running the asylum.”

New York state is reeling under violent crime spikes, and not just in NYC. The legislature faces numerous calls from within to convene lawmakers into special session to review and change its notoriously lenient catch-and-release bail policies.

Gov. Hochul, however, has soundly rejected those calls. Instead, she believes that there must be more evidence that laws are being allowed to work and that judges should utilize laws already at their disposal.

She flatly stated that New York is doing everything to prove that “justice and safety can go hand-in-hand.”

Meanwhile, there will surely be a change of attitude when current and former inmates discover that they are instead current or former incarcerated persons.

Is there a war on the English language?

Mothers and women are now “birthing persons” or the “gestational parent,” to name only two of the many different names Democrats have conjured. Breast-feeding is now chest-feeding, opposite sex is suddenly different sex, and one person may be refered to as “they.”

As for New York state, a leading section of the country that is grappling with the same issues that most every urban area sees in Biden’s America, they are doing something about crime. Inmates are now incarcerated individuals, and residents can sleep better at night knowing this.