New York Governor Urges Biden To Drop Out IMMEDIATELY

President Biden

New York Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado was one of several Democratic officials who have urged President Biden to drop his 2024 re-election bid in the wake of his disastrous debate against former President Trump earlier this month, Fox News reports Wednesday.

In a social media post, Delgado stressed his “immense respect and admiration for [Biden’s] deep and abiding commitment to the American people and our founding democratic ideals.”

“He can add to his legacy, showing his strength and grace, by ending his campaign and making room for a new leader,” Delgado urged.

Delgado warned, “There is no greater threat to our democracy than former President Donald Trump. He must be defeated.”

“That is why I join with millions of Americans — including everyday New Yorkers from all walks of life — who are expressing legitimate concerns about President Biden’s ability to wage a successful campaign against Trump,” the lieutenant governor wrote. “Sustaining our collective belief in democracy and trust in our democratic institutions requires those of us in elected office to be straight with the American people. Dismissing these voices out of hand is misguided and dangerous.”

The former vice president has been on the defensive since what was widely characterized as a weak debate performance in his initial meeting with Trump, pressed to show he still has the strength and stamina to take on one of the world’s most difficult jobs.

The debate was a bombshell for Biden, who is already the oldest president in the U. S. His halting speech and stumbling have since driven Democrats into a frenzy, leading to an avalanche of public and private charges from party officials that he should leave the 2024 nomination for them.

After the debate, eight House Democrats urged Biden to drop his re-election bid and larger groups of both House and Senate Dems have publicly or privately warned that Trump will defeat the president if he is on a ticket in November.

Biden’s letter came as he returned to Washington after the July 4th holiday recess and wrote in a letter sent Monday night to Capitol Hill Democrats that he is “firmly committed to staying in this race.”

“Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us,” the president added. “It is time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump.”

Delgado’s demand that Biden forgo serving as his party’s national standard-bearer in 2024 puts him at odds with his boss, Governor Kathy Hochul. She was among a large block of Democratic governors who met with Biden at the White House last week.

Hours before Delgado’s announcement on Wednesday, Hochul again expressed her backing for Biden in an interview with Spectrum News 1 in New York.