New York City Mayor Called Out For His Hypocrisy

Many Democrats have conned the nation into believing their party supports sanctuary cities. However, this support only exists in theory.

For years, top Democrats proudly proclaimed no human being is illegal. They wrote off immigration laws as racist and xenophobic, stating that taking in the poor and hungry is the right thing for America to do.

However, Democrats are only on board with sanctuary cities and applicable policies when left-wing communities don’t have to personally take on responsibility. When border states were the only ones absorbing mass border crossings, Democrats didn’t bat an eye.

Although Republican governors of these states are now sending a small fraction of their illegal migrants to left-wing sanctuary cities, the leaders of these communities are freaking out.

A recent stunt by New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is now being rightfully called out by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

More Hypocrisy on Sanctuary Cities
Like other Democrats in his position, Adams is on record saying that New York City welcomes all and doesn’t discriminate. The Democratic mayor, nevertheless, is now ticketing buses of migrants who arrive in his community from Texas.

Abbott is directly speaking out about this. The Texas governor released a statement via his spokesperson which blasted Adams for his “pathetic ploy.” Abbott’s statement also pointed out that before migrant buses arrive in New York City, they’re inspected by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Of course, the New York City mayor knows exactly what he’s doing. By ticketing certain drivers, Adams is trying a roundabout way of not living up to his promise of welcoming all immigrants.

Before this stunt with ticketing drivers began, the New York City mayor was threatening to send left-wingers to rally against Abbott as he seeks reelection. Though Abbott recently called Adams’ bluff, saying that left-wingers campaigning against him in Texas would “make [his] day.”

A Bipartisan Effort
Believe it or not, Republicans are not alone in sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities with leaders who promised to welcome them.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser (D) recently joined Abbott in sending illegal immigrants to New York City. Like the state’s governor, Leeser realizes his community isn’t equipped to handle the level of crossings happening at the southern border.

Despite the uproar from leaders of sanctuary cities, Abbott has repeatedly provided them with a solution if they truly can’t handle new arrivals of migrants. This solution entails putting pressure on the Biden administration to secure the US-Mexico border.

Democrats, of course, refuse to do this.