New York Adds Security At Migrant Shelters

New York City announced that it would be expanding its security at migrant shelters following an increase in crime related to the flow of illegal immigrants into the city. The move came as New York leaders increasingly expressed concern over the effects the migrants are having on the city.

The city was forced to install cameras at migrant shelters due to the spike in crime. New York officials are currently considering whether to expand security measures to include metal detectors. The increase in crime includes several prominent knife attacks.

Earlier this month there was a fatal stabbing followed by a further fight between migrants and another stabbing last week. The increased violence came amid reports that the migrants were now self-organizing based on their ethnic and national backgrounds.

Despite the increase in violence, the city has continued to take in the increased migrant flows. New York has also attempted to send out some of the migrants to other counties in the state, specifically bypassing areas that were self-declared sanctuary locations.

However, the city is now facing a crisis that Mayor Eric Adams (D) said could destroy it.

New York has taken in more than 150,000 migrants in the past two years. The Big Apple, like much of the country, has seen increased migrant flows since President Joe Biden took office.

Furthermore, city leaders have protested the increased numbers of migrants and called for assistance from Washington. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) recently announced that the state would provide over $2 billion in assistance for the city to help cope with the increasing strain.

Despite the pleas, New York previously announced a series of budget cuts to help cover the increasing costs of housing the migrants. Earlier this month the city closed a high school to shelter migrants who were staying at a former airfield.

The decision to switch James Madison High School to remote learning to accommodate the migrants was met with protests from parents.