New Trump Ad Dubs Biden As “Surrenderer-In-Chief”

President Donald Trump just released a compelling political ad through the Save America PAC. Of course, it will be hard to find on any of the Big Tech platforms that are now dedicated to the destruction of free speech in America. It is available on Trump’s website currently.

The page where the ad is posted also says that Biden has “backed down to our enemies,” withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan before ensuring that our citizens were safely transported out of the country.

The film is a compilation of still images and brief video clips depicting various sights from the chaotic withdrawal of armed personnel from Afghanistan and the scenario at Kabul Airport.

A spokesman for the Save America PAC said regarding the ad that Joe Biden lied to Americans when he said “America was back,” instead of surrendering to the Taliban.

Stephen Green posted an analysis of the ad on PJ Media Thursday comparing the ad to other highly effective presidential political ads in the past.

Green described the powerful, if misleading, “Daisy” ad run by Lyndon Johnson in 1964, creating the impression that Barry Goldwater was a dangerous warmonger who might start a nuclear war. Never mind that Goldwater was vehemently opposed to war and nuclear weapons generally. It was a compelling piece of propaganda.

He also discussed one of President Reagan’s ads against Walter Mondale in 1984 and an Eisenhower piece capturing the mood of Americans who were ready to move on from many years of war.

Green’s point is to show the power of political advertising that captures the mood and gestalt of the American public at a given point in time.

He sees the ad as an unofficial announcement of Trump’s intent to run for president again in 2024. The new ad creates a frame around the first seven months of the Biden administration and the combination of failures and missteps culminating in the Afghanistan disaster.

Green points out the importance of controlling the positioning of the 2024 election as a referendum of the Trump administration against Biden’s for however long it may last. The new ad is a strong start on that road.