New Report Reveals Troubling Surveillance Of Americans

Recent years have highlighted the great danger of letting the government run amuck in individuals’ lives.

Far too often, advocates of big government claim this institution is working for the greater good and to protect people. This is the narrative that was spouted all too often in order to justify autocratic, ineffective COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Right now, the federal government is in the middle of a witch hunt that centers around milking January 6 for all it’s worth. This involves not just the January 6 committee, but also disturbing levels of aggression towards anyone who was near the Capitol on this day.

Now, a brand new report reveals the government is spying on US citizens and has been doing so for quite some time.

The Report Every American Should Know About
According to the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), various branches of the federal government are partnering with different companies to direct track Americans.

This involves the government getting ahold of people’s cell phone locations and data via private brokers.

The FBI reportedly made use of this in order to track down folks at the Capitol on January 6. During the height of COVID-19, the CDC also used cell phone data in order to see how many people were complying with various restrictions.

Other government agencies with access to this information include Secret Service, the Defense Department, the Homeland Security Department, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The EFF’s report is especially troubling because of how the Biden administration continues to weaponize the federal government against conservatives and America First patriots.

Dangerous Times to Live In
Federal officials have been caught not only using Americans’ cell phone data to track them, but also private banking information.

In the wake of January 6, banks turned over account information of people in Washington DC and surrounding areas to federal authorities. If the government is able to get away with this today, there’s no telling what comes tomorrow.

Groups like EFF are constantly coming out with new information that’s important for Americans to know. Naturally, this news about the surveillance of individuals without a warrant and without probable cause is not being talked about by the mainstream media.

One can only imagine what else has yet to be revealed.