New Report DECLARES Gen. Milley Committed Treason – Now Watch The Media Jump In To SAVE Him

Treason is clearly defined in U.S. federal law in 18 U.S. code 2381 – treason. It says, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

This kind of act certainly shouldn’t be taken by a General in the military. That’s referring, of course, to General Mark Milley. The “White rage” general decided it was a good idea to call the Chinese general and warn that former President Donald Trump was unhinged and warn them of an attack before it happened.

Of course, the Democrats are trying to make sure that doesn’t happen because Trump was the worst president in U.S. history, according to them. Did they forget about Bill Clinton, who sexually assaulted female staffers?

Trump was a lot of things, but unhinged isn’t one of them. He only became an enemy when he entered the White House as a Republican. If he were to have entered as a Democrat, then there wouldn’t have been any issues. Still, with the Democrat parties’ recent and historical positions, it’s not surprising that a rational mind would want to identify with that side of the political aisle.

China isn’t a staple for humanitarian governance in the world. They imprison anyone who disagrees with the Chinese Communist Party, and if anyone goes against them, they kill them.

General Milley instructed the military to obey his orders rather than President Trump. It happened before the election in November of 2020 and showed the type of leader that Milley is. Of course, he would abide by a vaccine mandate, although the military has had no significant number of Covid-19 deaths. Only 20 have died from Covid-19, but many more have died since the vaccine became available, and even more have died from suicide. The reason? Health standards in the U.S. military. If you’re healthy, you’re more protected from Covid-19 than others.

Senator Rand Paul calls for Milley to be questioned under oath and even by polygraph and charged based on the outcome. Paul says that if proven true, court-martial would be the best outcome for the American people. The United States is supposed to be the leading force globally, and with Milley’s behavior, it’s no wonder the withdrawal from Afghanistan went so poorly. Milley has allegiance to one party at this point, and that’s the Democrat party. Truthfully, our military should have no political allegiance, only allegiance to the American people.

Senator John Kennedy says that he’s ready for hearings, but his Democrat counterparts will likely sweep this under the rug. He’s not wrong, and if the Democrats don’t even hold Dr. Anthony Fauci responsible, they indeed won’t hold Milley accountable.

Kennedy said that though these are only allegations and America has due process. If he had 15 minutes in a Senate hearing, he could get the truth out of Milley.

Democrats are already coming out of the woodwork saying that Milley had to do this because Trump was unhinged and is still mentally unstable because of the election results, but that had nothing to do with the foreign policy with the Chinese government.

It might be true that the Chinese government had bigger plans with the United States, and General Milley didn’t know about it. Who’s Milley to say that Trump was wrong in his assessment?

With the January 6th committee looking deeper into the January 6th Capitol riots, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will undoubtedly make this about White Nationalism rather than anything else. It is going to fuel the fire. Democrats need to blame Trump and defend Milley’s actions.

History will tell one of two stories. Either it will say that Milley was a hero because of his actions while Democrats cover for him for years to come, or he is a traitor and was held accountable for his actions. Only time will tell what the history books will write about when we’re in, but right is right, and wrong is wrong.