New Poll Shows Trump Winning Youth Vote

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden among both all voters and young voters, according to a recent poll. The result represents a significant boost for the former president and a sign that Biden’s campaign may be struggling to gain traction.

The positive news for Trump came in the latest Fox News poll. Overall, Trump carries a 4% lead over Biden, nabbing 50% of Americans.

However, perhaps the most surprising results were from several demographics that did not vote for the former president three years ago. According to the poll, Trump would get 41% of voters under 30, while just 28% said that they would vote for Biden. The lead was similar for voters under 45, with Trump taking 41% to Biden’s 31%.

Furthermore, Trump would also win women, which would make him the first Republican in 20 years to win the female gender. The Fox News survey found that 41% of women would vote for Trump, while 34% would pull the lever for Biden.

Biden carried the female vote in 2020, heavily driven by Black women and White women with college degrees or who were unmarried.

The most recent polling result appears to be a combination of good news for Trump and bad news for Biden. Many Americans look back positively on the former president’s time in office and often credit him for a strong economy and secure border.

However, Biden scores low marks on a number of important issues. The most recent Monmouth University poll places Biden at just a 34% approval rating, his lowest on record.

In addition to the poor general approval ratings, the president struggles with individual issues. When asked about whether or not Biden was effective regarding inflation, just 26% of Americans agreed. Another 28% approved of Biden’s handling of inflation.

Trump has also opened up a lead in most national polling, as well as in state-by-state polls. Several recent surveys had the former president besting Biden in most crucial battleground states in a 2024 rematch.