New Poll Shows Biden ‘So Far Down’ That Even Making Kamala Harris Look Good

The expectation that Vice President Kamala Harris would distance herself from President Joe Biden is becoming a reality. After she was forced to stand next to Biden in one press conference while Afghanistan was falling, her inability to address the public on the southern border will be her downfall when Biden is taken out of office or decides to run for president 2024. We all know which one is going to happen.  

Harris seems to find time to flip a coin at a football game and campaign for California Governor Gavin Newsom. Still, he has failed at her job at the southern border tells you everything you need to know about how seriously she takes her position as vice president.  

With Biden’s poll numbers plummeting, Harris is in a good spot. After she brought in a new team of advisors, including Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law, she may have even better luck. All Harris has to do is start fixing problems one by one. Then, when Biden is taken out of office because of the 25th amendment, which will probably happen just before Republicans take back the House and Senate, she can blame Biden, but she isn’t even doing that.  

Harris is ahead of Biden in the polls, but why? She’s done more harm than Biden has with her southern border strategy of “do nothing” and lied about visiting the border before she was forced to go. According to the Daily Caller, Harris is leading Biden’s 43% approval rating by 6 points. It’s still not above 50%, but she would have to start doing her job to get a better approval rating.  

Sadly, Harris can sit back and relax while getting more popular in the eyes of the American people. More surprising is that Biden’s approval rating is similar to former President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton. It’s a surprise because Biden’s trying to tax people more, take jobs away from unvaccinated Americans, and bring the United Nations into the United States to investigate racism. None of those things are good for America and will inevitably lead to mass hysteria among voters.  

What America needs to see is a way out of this madness. The pendulum of politics from left to the right is swinging at such a high rate that it’s unsustainable. We can’t keep going from extreme left to extreme right every four years. 

In the past, the President was the winner of the election, and the loser became vice president. Though it made for friction in the White House, it balanced the power at the top levels of government. A Democrat and Republican President and vice president may be what America needs right now. Things are changing too quickly for people to grasp. Both should be moderate and level-headed and work together to better both parties and the American people. 

The American people can’t hold on much longer to these ridiculous antics by the Democrat party. They’re uprooting the Constitution, going against the Supreme Court, and taking well-earned jobs away from qualified people with the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Harris should go down with the ship on this one, and she likely will.