New Mexico Democrat Candidate For Congress Uses Fake Identity When Calling To Defund Police

A Democrat running for Congress from New Mexico has been exposed for providing a fake name when raging against police at a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest. Gabe Vasquez took part in the BLM protest in Las Cruces but fraudulently identified himself as “James Hall” when he told a local reporter that the country needs “serious police reform.”

Vasquez went on to angrily say: “It’s not just about defunding police, it’s about defunding a system that privileges white people over everyone else.”

During the interview, he shielded his face with a cloth, dark sunglasses, and a hat, although the facial features that were visible bore a close resemblance to public images of Las Cruces City Council Member Gabe Vasquez. He also posted a series of tweets with photos of the protest as it occurred on his personal account with hashtags identifying the scene as the Las Cruces BLM protest.

Vasquez also appeared in other media interviews wearing the same neck gaiter he had on when calling himself “James Hall.”

Here is a video showing local reporting of the protest with the interview with Vasquez:

Since the 2020 protest, Vasquez has deleted a good deal of the evidence that shows he gave the interview using a false identity. It appears he must believe that his prior calls to defund police would likely damage his attempt to win a seat in Washington from New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

Within the last week, Vasquez has deleted his post that contained video from the Las Cruces protest and a photo showing him with a broad smile wearing the same mask he had on when he pretended to be “James Hall” for local reporters.

Even though Vasquez has deleted posts showing him taking part in the 2020 BLM protest, his Twitter account still includes a significant amount of anti-police material. One post from 2020 reads: “As long as white folks … dominate this nation’s wealth and preside over our nation’s governing bodies & judicial systems, the racism, killing, & injustice will continue.”

Vasquez is running against incumbent Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM), who was first elected to Congress in 2020. Election campaign funding reports indicate that the Vasquez campaign has raised $1.2 million in contributions so far. That compares to the $2.7 million raised by Harrell.