New Mandate ‘Fears And Scare’ Parents As Pfizer Executive Appointed To School Board

In Williamson County, Tennessee, the school board has a new member, and parents aren’t happy. Josh Brown, the National Vice President for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company.  

Just as many would like to join their children’s school board, other parents are welcome to do the same. According to Fox17 Nashville, Brown has three children who go to school in the district, and after the school board voted for Brown to join, parents lost their minds.  

The only issue with Brown being on the school board is the possible conflict of interest. The school district is updating information on the ongoing “mask opt-out” or Executive Order 84, enacted on August 6, 2021, by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to allow students to wear masks. Parents shouldn’t be that concerned with the current litigation that’s going on surrounding masks and Covid-19 vaccine requirements. Lee, being a Republican, will likely side with not mandating the vaccine, but it’s too early to tell.  

During a school board meeting, Brown said, “I’m not going to apologize for who I work for,” and he should never have to. When the school board votes to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine, the problem comes into play, which will likely fall for the school board to decide. Such a big decision should never come with that level of influence.  

In all reality, the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t FDA approved and shouldn’t be mandated at all. Even with the emergency use authorization, it falls on parents to decide the state of Tennessee.  

Parents are upset that the influence was taken advantage of. Other candidates were viable options to replace a school board member, and more consideration should have been given for the possible conflict of interest.  

Brown also said, “on any issue related to my employer, I’m going to recuse myself if there is a conflict of interest.” Technically that’s good that he said that, but technically it’s not. When school Covid-19 mandates come forward, they don’t mandate a specific vaccine to take, so it would have to be in good conscience that he makes the decision not to participate in the vaccine mandate votes. If it’s not in writing, then it shouldn’t be trusted. It isn’t easy nowadays to take someone’s word.  

He also knows some of the board members already and said, “I’m not going to apologize for living here all my life and knowing some of you people on the commission. If there’s criticism, I guess I can’t do much about that.” 

While it seems like Brown is humble about the appointment and understands that the conflict of interest can cause concern, it’s still an interesting situation to unfold. 

From the parents’ reaction, it seems their concern is also that the vote was rushed while a lot of the country was out of town for fall break and the member that Brown is replacing.  

The member that resigned is Brad Fiscus, who is the husband of Tennessee’s former vaccine director. It seems like the county is trying to make sure someone in the vaccine industry remains on the school board. All of it looks shady.