New Iowa Poll Stuns Nation, Biden Is Going To Hate This

When you look at Presidents’ approval ratings, it can be easy to compare the number alone and not factor in other information. When Donald Trump and Barack Obama began their terms, their approval ratings dropped because people didn’t like them for one reason or another. However, when it comes to President Joe Biden, he’s done many ridiculous things in his first nine months as president, and it’s not only the opposing party that notices.  

Biden’s southern border crisis and withdrawal from Afghanistan led to 13 U.S. troops losing their lives. Biden lost a lot of his own party’s favor. When Biden began his Covid-19 mandates and lied about opening the country up fully with no mask requirements for people who received the Covid-19 vaccine and then reversed it, he lost even more of his party. The biggest thing that Biden has lost support over is his unconstitutional mandates for Covid-19 requirements for employers. Not only is he mandating employers with 100 or more employees force everyone to get vaccinated, submit to weekly testing, or lose their job, but he’s going to put fines on those who don’t. So, who pays for the tests? Does the federal government pay for them, the employer, or the employee? That’s a question that hasn’t been fully explored, and Biden may not even know the answer himself. OSHA, the organization Biden has gotten to mandate the vaccines, said that they aren’t sure they can legally make employers do this. 

Biden said in a press conference that he expected more businesses to get on board and is looking for compliance or people will have consequences. He also said that this isn’t about freedom, and other times he’s said that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Biden has lost his mind.  

In Iowa, 62% of people disapprove of Biden, and other state’s disapproval rating is growing with them. Trump won Iowa 53.1% to Biden’s 44.9%, so his disapproval rating includes many Democrats that once supported him. 

Biden’s approval rating dropped from 43% to 31% since June. The southern border crisis, withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Covid-19 vaccine mandates have a lot to do with it because those are two significant failures on Biden’s part. 

After the Arizona state election audit’s discrepancies and more states realizing their citizens disapprove of the president, more states will likely jump on the audit trail, and they should.  

The 2022 mid-term election will be the biggest problem for Democrats because every opponent will link them to Biden’s failures.  

Republicans are set to take back some control and turn things around drastically. Biden’s administration is showing no sign of improving, and it seems they don’t care. They’re going to blame anything they can on Biden when the time comes to remove him from office.