Never Trump Get Biden’s ‘Norms’ Good And Hard

President Joe Biden and his CDC announced an extension of the “eviction moratorium” last night, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that any subsequent order would be unconstitutional. Thanks to Brett Kavanaugh for keeping that door open on a technical level. The reality is that there is nothing legally binding about anything that has happened thus far. Biden has decided to breach the law again and take people’s property that has been stolen for 16 months. Furthermore, contrary to the Never Trump movement’s claims that Biden represented a return to standards and respect for the rule of law, this reality is glaring.

Moreover, in a tin-pot dictatorship in South America or even the Middle East, one might expect to hear anything along the lines that Biden is breaking the law for citizen’s protection. Nonetheless, Americans can observe that one of the world’s leading news networks has been promoting the notion as if it were a positive thing in human history. The White House shows so many standards/norms that are overpowering. Consequently, anytime someone says “but Trump,” remember that Biden was intended to be unique as well. He was supposed to be the alternative to former President Trump regarding institutional and legal respect. Unfortunately, that was the point made by Never Trump. At the very least, Trump’s eviction moratorium did not violate a court order on purpose.

The Never Trump movement has Biden’s norms down pat. To attain his desired outcome before the courts interfered, the president violated his oath of office and signed an unconstitutional order. Therefore, where are the impeachment petitions? In Biden’s conduct, where are Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, those champions of principle who have spoken out against him and demanded his resignation? If people pose the same question to the Never Trumpers who make up the right-wing commentariat, what would be their thoughts? However, it is unknown if they will be consistent and argue for impeachment on their websites and in their op-eds or confine their response to mild rebuttals on Twitter. For the reason that if they do the latter, they would be handing away the game in terms of the value of their ideas.

When given a chance to be consistent and go after Joe Biden for something genuinely awful, though, people would retreat and hedge. However, the critical question is “why?” After all, their campaign was never about upholding established standards and institutions. Rather than that, it formed to express their dissatisfaction with something that disturbed them and disrupted their cocktail parties. At the time, Trump was the personification of this sentiment. Anyone might have been responsible. Confident Never Trump supporters would oppose Biden’s flagrant constitutional violations. Additionally, they would grin and nod, assuring him that he would not be treated the same way as that other person. Nevertheless, the corrupt, as well as twisted loop in Washington, continues.