Nearly Half of Americans Do Not Expect Return To ‘Pre-Pandemic Normalcy’

Three years after the pandemic and the resulting government tyranny began, nearly half of American adults have said that they don’t expect their lives to “return to pre-pandemic normalcy,” according to a Gallup News poll.

The poll, which was conducted via self-administered web surveys from February 21-28 with 5,167 participants, found that 47% of adults do not expect their lives to return to the way they were before the onset of the pandemic. This percentage is the same as the results from October 2022, and is slightly lower than the 53% who said the same in July and August 2022.

While 33% of participants reported that life is completely back to normal, 20% said that it is “not back to normal but will eventually be.” In July and August 2022, the share of people who reported that their life was back to normal was 24%, while 23% said it would be eventually.

Unsurprisingly, the poll revealed that attitudes toward the pandemic “diverge sharply and most significantly by partisanship.”

“Just as Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to perceive the pandemic is over, they are also more likely to say their own lives are completely back to normal,” the survey report states.

Half of Republican voters report that their lives are back to normal, while 18% state that they are not completely normal but will be eventually. A shocking one-third (33%) of GOP voters report that their lives will never return to pre-pandemic normal, while 53% of Democrat voters and 49% of independent voters feel the same way.

The numbers for Democrats are not shocking, as left-wing voters are much more likely to have bought into the mask hysteria and were in favor of the government restrictions and mandates.

Many Democrats were genuinely terrified of the pandemic and thus took their mask-wearing very seriously, while others on the left appeared to just be virtue-signaling — including Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top Democrats who wore their masks for photo-ops but were later seen maskless.

Gallup’s survey also revealed that attitudes about returning to normal “differ significantly” when filtered by sex and annual household income.

“Majorities of two typically Democratic-leaning groups — women and lower-income adults — say their lives will never be back to normal, while their counterparts are less likely to say as much,” the survey report states.

Over half of women (51%) report that their lives are not back to pre-pandemic normalcy, while 42% of men said the same. Individuals earning less than $36,000 per year are more likely to report that their lives are not back to normal (55%) than those making $36,000-$90,000 (48%) and $90,000 or more (43%).