Navy SEAL Reveals Hollywood Liberals SHOCKED When They Tried Panic-Buying Guns in California

While interviewing a former Navy SEAL turned author, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin discovered that Hollywood leftists were stunned when they attempted to panic-buy guns for the first time in California.

On an episode of “The Rubin Report,” Rubin spoke with former Navy SEAL sniper Jack Carr, author of The New York Times bestselling thrillers “Savage Son” and “The Devil’s Hand.”

During the interview, Carr told the host what he discovered about Hollywood while filming “The Terminal List,” an upcoming Amazon Prime Video series based on his novel of the same name.

In the clip below, Carr discussed how controversial Christian actor Chris Pratt, who stars as the main character James Reece, and co-producer Antoine Fuqua, became involved in turning “The Terminal List” into a television series.

The former Navy SEAL also revealed that there is a non-woke side of Hollywood, and discussed how his left-wing friends in Los Angeles began contacting him about the ins and outs of purchasing firearms when they tried to panic buy guns for the first time during the summer of civil unrest.

“When the summer of civil unrest hit … I was getting texts and phone calls and emails from people in California, in particular, asking about, ‘what gun should I get,’” Carr told Rubin.

He went on to say that many of them were shocked when they discovered that they couldn’t “just run down and… pay cash and walk out with [a gun] the same day” or “get ammunition sent to their house in Los Angeles.”

“These things were a shock to a lot of people,” Carr said. “Yet they’ve been voting people into office there for so long that they don’t have those rights anymore. They’ve outsourced those [rights] to a government … whose leaders are surrounded by taxpayer-funded security, when they’re trying to take your rights away. And we see that, of course, all across the country now, but California, Chicago… New York stands out from the crowd in that regard.”

Watch a clip of the interview below: