Nancy Pelosi Offers Same Excuses As Biden For Afghanistan Failure

It should come as no surprise that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved quickly to parrot the excuses made by President Joe Biden for the abject failure of the mission to withdraw the U.S. military presence from Afghanistan.

Pelosi appeared on San Francisco’s KPIX on August 18 and said that the chaos we have seen unfold and the loss of untold amounts of vital military equipment is “what happens when you withdraw.”

Pelosi then echoed Biden’s blame of the Afghan military for the loss of equipment and the surrender of the country’s civil government. She did not bring up the reports that the White House ordered that U.S. forces cut off the Afghan military from intelligence and air support.

The evidence now coming to light shows that the Biden administration did not have a workable plan for removing equipment or evacuating trapped Americans in the event of the country’s collapse to the Taliban.

Pelosi’s typical smug and condescending tone came across particularly poorly when she played off the ongoing crisis at the Kabul airport where untold thousands of Americans and refugees are waiting to be evacuated. Thousands more are stranded outside of the airport while the administration’s instructions are to get to the airport if they can. No plan for reaching those people safely to the airport has been revealed.

Commentators have been swift in challenging Pelosi’s flippant dismissal of the ongoing situation. Beverly Hallberg posted on Twitter her dismay that Pelosi could say this is what happens not only with a straight face but with her standard creepy smile.

The idea that the world is safer today than before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the immense amount of military equipment the U.S. left for the taking is very foolish indeed. All of the excuses that Biden and Pelosi could ever dream up will not change that.