Must Watch: Soviet Immigrant, Registered Dem Issues Stark Warning About CRT

Truth has no political party, and the further the left goes, the broader the opposition grows. It’s like a line graph where the middle gets closer and closer to the left, leaving political allies behind to become political opposition. Tulsi Gabbard has found herself in this position, and so have many others.

Critical race theory is no exception. While it has been portrayed as a political matter in the media, teaching children should never be political. According to critical race theory, white people blame all racially motivated laws and policies that oppress people of color. If only there were such laws, but there aren’t. Instead, they bundle legislation together. Policies and societal segregation combine to create a new re-written history lesson plan that, if allowed to continue, will revolutionize the way history books are written.

The only reason slavery ended was because white Americans stood up against it. The only reason black Americans can vote is that white Americans stood up for them. The only reason women can vote is because of men. In all these instances, people came together to bring change to the way of American life in a good way. White Americans didn’t free the slaves because they wanted to hold them down for centuries to come as a lesser race. They did it because slavery was wrong and needed to stop. Government institutions didn’t make it much better, there was a hefty fee to free a slave, and many white plantation owners had more compassion than you might believe. The southern culture knew that black Americans were cast out of society from education, employment, and everyday activities. Many gave them a better life on the plantation than they otherwise would have gotten.

Elian Kaplin has made her rounds across news networks warning of critical race theory and its damages to subjugated students to this type of madness. Kaplin is a soviet union migrant who came to the united states at 11 years old. Kaplin says she can remember when the soviet union taught the same type of material to her school. Kaplin is a registered democrat and helped out Joe Biden in office, yet wants a bipartisan effort to remove critical race theory from schools. Kaplin has said that not only does she remember the curriculum being taught, but she confirmed with her family, and they agreed.

Marxism crept in slowly in the soviet union, just as it does everywhere. The shocking and discriminatory curriculum is so far off the base of human rights and human nature that it can’t be shoved in all at once, or the citizens will know something is going on. Slowly and indeed, it changes generations, divides people, and puts the government in charge. We see glimpses of it in the way college students act while attending universities. They silence speech they don’t like, push for government-assisted student loan forgiveness, and vote for socialism. As a society, we must do better to teach students the truth about history since education systems will no longer do so.