MSNBC Gave Biden The Most Exceedingly Bad News Of His Presidency

MSNBC says that Democrats are 22% positive that we’re headed in the right direction, while they say 71% say we’re off on the wrong path. It has to be bad when leftist mainstream media outlets are going after their own. 

Chuck Todd said, “At least, for the time being, Americans have lost faith in President Biden and hope for the country.” Only 22% of adults believe we’re heading in the right direction. A startling 71% believe we’re on the wrong track, including a large majority of Democrats. President Biden’s approval rating is a dismal 42%, with 54% disapproving. Mr. Biden was in the positive territory just two months ago, with 49% approving and 48% disapproving.”

It doesn’t take long when you screw everything up. Biden hasn’t done anything correctly. He can’t make up his mind, and when he does, it’s the wrong decision. 

Todd also said that the new “$1.75 trillion packages will tackle climate change, universal pre-k, eldercare, and a one-year expanded child tax credit.” Not a great look for the Democrats. 

To cut taxes for parents, give universal healthcare, and expand the child tax credit, you need a lot of money. If that money comes from the 1% tax raises, can’t we leave it alone? That would make more sense than what we’re looking at right now. These bills are going to come crashing down if they get passed down or not. If they get passed, they’re going to crash the economy. If they don’t, the Democrat party will still crash because they’re going to realize that they are the most ineffective administration that the United States may have ever seen. The Biden administration has produced nothing positive. Nothing. 

Todd notes, “But so far the bill is primarily being defined by what’s not in it: Tuition-free community college, a broad expansion of Medicare, lower prescription drug prices, and paid family and medical leave.” 

For every reason, “anti-socialist” that’s the best news we could get. Not because it’s not essential, but something is satisfying to see Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get nothing they asked for. Lowering prescription drug prices would be good, though. Hospital reform would solve that. Hospitals raise drug prices. According to Clinic Pain Advisor, hospitals mark up drug prices by 479%. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have cared about that. Can’t blame that on Democrats. It could have been a Republican talking point as well. 

Democrats have lost their confidence in Biden just as much as Republicans have. His actions have been the cause of his decline in poll numbers. Remember, he got 81 million votes, if you believe that.