MSNBC Host ‘Casts Doubt’ On Biden’s Brittle Next Steps In Ukraine

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell gave a mixed review of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy chops on Monday. She towed the party line initially saying that Biden was confident in his strategy to contain Putin’s aggression in Ukraine but got a bit shaky toward the end. In a very uncharacteristic move for an MSNBC host, the propaganda arm for the democrat party, Mitchell said that the President felt defensive about criticisms leveled at him in the past for his strategic execution on the international stage.

I always considered it a prerequisite for a President to have thick skin because the moment you get elected, 25 percent of the country instantly hates you no matter what. Biden has never quite grasped this concept, evidenced by his fanciful Corn Pop yarns to gain favor with whoever he is talking to, as well as his history of snapping at reporters who do things the President does not like.

Let us be honest here if Biden cannot handle random questions from Peter Doocy, how on earth is he going to handle an unplanned invasion by Vladimir Putin? For all his bluster and threatening to take people to the woodshed, the President does not even have the energy to make it past 11 am most days to continue working.

The President has been in American politics for fifty years and has a plethora of geopolitical mistakes to choose from. We only must go back one year to the dreadful Afghanistan withdrawal. The Commander-in-Chief had complete air superiority, could pick whenever he wanted to go and had a 20-year knowledge of the area. The result? Arming the Taliban, abandoning our allies, and looking like a high school kid was in charge.

The President constantly gets criticism about his foreign policy decisions because he has terrible instincts and is terrible at it. Just in Ukraine, the cancellation of sanctions on Nord 2 and his ‘minor incursion’ speech helped create the problem he eagerly says he can solve. When an MSNBC host starts to question the President publicly, you know the rats are fleeing the ship.