MSNBC Flips Script And Attacks Kamala For What She Did In Hiding During Border Crisis

Where, oh where, has Kamala Harris gone, and why, oh why, does she insist on destroying the United States by allowing illegal immigrants to enter the country by the hundreds of thousands? Have you noticed? MSNBC has noticed, and they shouldn’t forget, but you know they will.  

President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the border operations months ago, but she hasn’t put anything in place to protect the security of the border. What she’s done is travel. That’s it. Harris went to Vietnam, Saigon, and even California to campaign for California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election. The only thing Harris did at the border was visit for less than 24 hours to give a speech after she went to Guatemala to tell people not to come to the United States.  

Did it help? Not. It’s gotten worse since Haitian immigrants have entered the United States. At least ten thousand Haitian immigrants are camping under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.  

MSNBC asked where Harris was when she was supposed to be visiting the “northern triangle countries” to protect the United States’ southern border. 

Mainstream media can’t get away from holding Democrats accountable because their ratings are dropping like crazy. MSNBC rated number 2 to Fox News, and CNN fell to number 6 in August 2021. The only openly conservative news network is rated number 1 after the 2020 election. Talk about a majority. It seems Americans are opening their eyes, or at least closing them to Democrat disasters. America is at a crossroads of facts and misleading news sources. That’s not to say that Fox doesn’t mislead. It’s noting that Democrat-led media represent a class of people who actively misrepresent facts and at times lie to the American people. For example, look up the Border Patrol whipping the Haitian immigrant. It’s a fact that Border Patrol didn’t whip anyone, but the mainstream media wants to twist the story to fit their narrative. 

MSNBC said that a lot of Harris’ work was in Guatemala regarding border security, but she was barely there for a couple of hours. She made her speech, and it was wheels up. This idea that Harris is working behind the scenes to make positive change is laughable. If she were, Americans would at least see changes, but there have been no changes.  

The most that Harris has done is flip a coin at a football game and meet with Newsom. Otherwise, Harris has been absent. Come to think of it, Harris has only been seen with Biden once at a press conference that she was forced to attend, and since then, she hasn’t been seen near him. She seems extremely unhappy to serve under incoherent leadership for someone so excited to get the call that she was elected vice president. She should have seen this coming.