Morning Joe Scarborough Just Gave Democrats A Passing Sentence

Democrats have to understand one thing. The country isn’t okay with being divided. Things may appear to be in good working order as Democrats push their destructive socialist policies, but they can’t hide from the fact that people aren’t voting for them as they expected. The recent elections prove that people are tired of being “woke” and want things to return to normalcy.  

Joe Scarborough said he would never return to the Republican party after changing his tune after supporting former President Donald Trump.  

Scarborough said, “Here, you have a lot of people saying, and we need to talk about this around the table a good bit because Democrats are going to have to come face to face with this issue of wokism.”  

They can’t. That’s the problem. They’ve dug themselves into a hole, and they can’t get out of it. They can only continue to appease their voter base by doubling down on everything that hasn’t worked or lied.  

Scarborough also said a lot of the talking happens when cameras are off, and people who would generally be on the side of Democrats aren’t buying what they’re selling anymore. They’re not on board with the plan that the Democrat party wants to push forward.  

The fact that Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) won against the state’s former governor Terry McAuliffe is a sure sign that the tides are turning. McAuliffe had all the confidence that he would beat Youngkin. When he brought out President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and Vice President Kamala Harris, there was a looming concern that they would push McAuliffe forward with their image. Still, they need to factor in that he lost even with that imagery.  

Biden certainly isn’t as popular as the mainstream would have you believe, and Harris isn’t either. This administration has turned into a dud after it was supposed to be the unifying voice of America.  

Scarborough said that “if you’re McAuliffe going to make something up about the other candidate, he’ll chase him around the state and mock and ridicule him.” That should be a message to every voter that if the politician you’re rooting for is lying to people to get elected, they need to be put down for it. They have to know that people are taking a stand, and they aren’t okay with it.  

The Democrats have a real problem in moderate and red states. The deep ties to the Democrat party are wavering as we speak. There’s only a short time until the 2022 midterm elections, and people have to figure out if they’re for the Democrat’s plan or Republican freedom. There doesn’t seem to be the middle ground that once existed.