More Questions Arise About Paul Pelosi’s Attack

Last month, Americans learned that Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked with a hammer while in his home. News of Pelosi going to the hospital to receive medical care for his injuries made news for days on end.

However, the specifics of how David DePape — the attacker and an illegal immigrant — was able to enter the Pelosis’ home remain unknown. There are also unanswered questions about whether or not Pelosi knew DePape and the motivation behind the assault.

Despite the many inquiries surrounding this incident, it has certainly been used as a tool to collectively demonize Republicans.

Though a new break in this story once again has Americans talking.

Phony ICE Agent Enters the Equation?
According to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, an unnamed person pretended to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official in order to make contact with Pelosi’s assailant.

Currently, DePape is being held in jail on a litany of charges. However, this did not stop the phony ICE agent from appearing at the jail containing DePape. When this person appeared, he had a fake business card designed to make law enforcement believe he was with ICE.

San Francisco law enforcement has not explained how they responded to the individual who posed as an ICE agent.

There has also been no explanation as to why this poser wanted to make contact with DePape. Various media outlets have tried to get answers about this from the San Francisco sheriff’s office, but to no avail.

Ironically, because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, a legitimate ICE agent would also likely be kept from accessing DePape.

More Happening Behind the Scenes?
While the mainstream media blasted the news about Paul Pelosi being battered in his home, a lot less attention is being directed toward this unnamed person posing as an ICE agent.

On social media, however, many Americans are weighing in with theories of their own.

Some people believe this individual could be trying to keep DePape quiet for certain reasons. Others believe there is more to the person who showed up to see DePape than what San Francisco police are letting on.

Either way, it is stories like this that make Americans question the mainstream media, rather than taking its reports at face value.