More ‘Kabuki Theater’ From The White House On Ukraine

The White House still refuses to replace whatever intern is responsible for its social media accounts with an actual severe adult. The latest offering to the internet is the White House Twitter feed getting a photo out there to assure everyone that Biden is doing some work and not hiding in his basement.

Usually, when pictures of the President are released, they try to make him look decisive and presidential. It can be accomplished by the setting alone, but here, it looks like they are meeting in a Holiday Inn Express conference room. The only missing thing is some tiny muffins and a giant stainless steel coffee dispenser.

Once you get past the closet-like properties of the location, you can see that the photo is staged. All the name tags are turned toward the person taking the photo. It is as if they realized that no one in the photo is famous enough to be recognized by the public. Or maybe they were worried that you would not know who it was because they were all wearing masks. Why do they need nameplates in the first place? Don’t they all know each other? It is not a public event, so there is no need for identifiers unless people do not want their unique chair taken.

It is not the first-time social media blunders that have given the Administration fits. President Biden was accused of outing CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) officers when a picture was tweeted of a conference call dealing with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Probably it would have helped if they had blurred out the images of the secret personnel he was talking to, but that might have blunted the impact of the photo. Let us also not forget that President Biden likes to transmit from a fake oval office from time to time. No other President has ever needed a fake oval office, but Biden cannot seem to stick to traditional norms and get his messaging right.

Let us hope that somebody in the Administration gets on Indeed and rustles up a new social media director sometime soon. We need minor kabuki theater and more leadership.