More ‘Hypocrisy’ From The Left

Why look up to an elected official that doesn’t follow their guidance on masks or any other policy. No respectable person would.

Representative Jamaal Bowman joins the rest of the Democrat party. After his fantastic photo op with his “Wu-Tang Clan” mask, Bowman is pictured without a mask around high schoolers. The problem with the picture is that the students didn’t have a mask on.

New Rochelle City School posted the picture on Twitter to try and gain popularity for their tutoring program and shouted out Black History Month. How progressive.

Or maybe Bowman was holding his breath like the other Democrats who get caught?

Funny enough, there’s a mask mandate in New Rochelle, and Bowman had just tweeted about it.

Bowman tweeted, “Even though daily COVID-19 cases are decreasing, we must stay vigilant. Make sure to mask up, stay safe, and get boosted. We must protect our elderly and immunocompromised community members.”

Was anyone in the picture immunocompromised? You’ll never find out because medical information is kept private unless it’s the COVID-19 vaccine. Then you have to get a card to prove you’re vaccinated in some places.

The idea is if you’re going to push things on other people, you have to abide by the rules yourself. If you say alcohol is terrible for people, don’t get pictured at the bar taking shots. That’s not hard to understand. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Just put a mask on when you tell others to. Otherwise, don’t expect to get re-elected. You’ve lost the confidence and trust that your constituents had for you.

That wasn’t the only time Bowman was pictured without a mask. On February 5, Bowman was at the 46th Westchester Jewish Council Gala and sent out a tweet saying, “At the 46th WJC Gala with the homie @biaggi4NY. @yuhline where you at!?” Bowman was also unmasked in the picture.

Alessandra Biaggi was also unmasked in the picture. Biaggi is a Senator who’s running for Senate again. Biaggi’s most recent tweet as of this writing was thanking everyone who donated to her campaign. Thanks for what? Supporting a hypocrite? Biaggi is just as guilty of it as Bowman. That’s why there’s a massive push for voting Republican.

The tweet says, “This is a people-powered campaign, and your support means everything.”

Support for what? Treating people like they’re an idiot? Stop voting for these people.