Mitch McConnell ‘Blames’ The Russian Invasion On Joe Biden And His Afghanistan Withdrawal

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) seems that the sock puppet president Joe Biden’s disastrous and haphazard Afghanistan withdrawal led Putin to think that he could annex Ukraine without US resistance. And he was right.

On Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” McConnell joined Fox News and recommended that Russian President Vladimir Putin stop his ill-begotten war now. Mitch, “The Turtle” McConnell, said that Vlad was encouraged to attack Ukraine by President Biden and his inept leadership. Biden messed up the planned withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of 13 service members and hundreds of Afghanis under the despotic rule of the Taliban.

After a week of Russian forces encircling eastern Ukraine, McConnell lauded Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. The former comedian is showing tremendous strength. This incredibly great president is the reason the world is wearing Ukrainian colors. McConnell said that Vladimir Putin would regret taking over large portions of the country. His attack has done more to bring together NATO than anyone else. Maybe Putin can get Germany to pay their share of the bills too.

McConnell believes that abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan was a message to dictators worldwide that the US was incapable of maintaining partnerships and protecting allies. Individuals like Putin were put on notice, now is the time to attack because America was reconsidering our forward and assertive position as the world’s policeman. Instead, America under Sleepy Joe wants to become the world’s patsy.

McConnell thinks that if we did not cut and run in Afghanistan, Putin would not have launched a war in eastern Ukraine, threatening the capital of Kyiv and destabilizing the globe. Unfortunately for McConnell, this counterfactual is not about Biden’s destruction of the military and chain of command. If Trump were in office, Putin would not have attempted this by any means.

Mitch added that there ought to be a unified and clear understanding of Vladimir Putin. The disarray stems not from a lack of knowledge of him but from what we should do about it. McConnell called Putin a hooligan and an executioner on a frenzy and rampage. It won’t end well for him, according to McConnell. Undoubtedly, Putin is quaking in his boots.

After comments on Ukraine, McConnell remarked on Russia and Putin became the highlight of Biden’s delusion state. Biden neglected to refer to the destructive Afghanistan withdrawal. His first State of the Union was platitudes and posturing, with a strong dose of rage at the end. Biden said nothing when US soldiers and marines died in a suicide bomb attack outside the Kabul airport. As the departure was in progress, young men were riding on the landing gear of C-130 transport jets.

Biden said nothing about the United States policy in Afghanistan. Instead, he talked about warriors who succumbed to poisonous synthetic chemicals and burn pits, as Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) rubbed her hands together like a fly. Biden decided to toss his late son Beau into the speech, claiming he may have been poisoned.

Representative Lauren Boebert (CO) shouted, “13 of them!” She was adamant that these lost men and women are remembered too.