Missing Texas Woman Found Murdered In Mexican Border State

After traveling to visit relatives in Mexico during Easter, a South Texas woman went missing and was later found murdered in the border state of Nuevo Leon.

Authorities have confirmed that the body discovered on a ranch in Nuevo Leon belonged to 20-year-old Bionce Jazmin Anaya Cortez — a resident of Mission, Texas, who had been missing for several days.

Anaya Cortez’s body was discovered on Friday in the municipality of General Bravo after police searched three different properties, according to a Saturday statement from the Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office, who noted that her body was finally found on a ranch near the town of El Verde. Authorities say that her death was caused by several contusions to the head and back area.

After traveling from Texas to Nuevo Leon to celebrate the Easter holiday with various relatives in the municipality of China, Mexico, Anaya Cortez later went missing on April 6.

Her murder comes amid an ongoing wave of violence in Nuevo Leon — with murders and kidnappings on the rise as the cartels continue to fight for dominance of the area. According to Breitbart News, the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas has been trying to “take new smuggling territories away from the Gulf Cartel while also trying to hold on to their local drug distribution areas while the Sinaloa Cartel tries to move in.”

Anaya Cortez’s murder is just the latest in a long line of murders and disappearances in the area, with both Americans and Mexicans getting caught in the middle of the cartels’ violence. Three Mexican citizens living in South Texas — Marina Pérez Ríos, Maritza Trinidad Pérez Ríos y Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz — disappeared on February 25 while driving south toward China to sell used clothing. Their whereabouts are still unknown, but it is likely that the women were also victims of the cartels.

The Biden administration continues to keep the southern border wide open, allowing the cartels to essentially control the area — where they continue to kill people in their wars, kill Americans with their drugs and smuggle people into the country who are often sold as slaves or forced to work off their debt by helping traffic drugs or aiding in other criminal actions.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has vowed to declare the cartels enemy combatants, which would allow for military force to be used to fight and eventually eliminate these groups. Trump, who is running for president in 2024, stated that he would “wage war” on the cartels in his second term.