Millions Of Americans Face Rolling Blackouts

Parts of the United States are facing potential rolling blackouts this winter, and the Biden administration is responsible, according to Neil Chatterjee, the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Sunday, Chatterjee said that shortages will occur because the Biden administration wants to “skip the transition part of the energy transition” to non-fossil fuels.

“We need more infrastructure in the United States,” he said. “We need permitting reform. We need to make it easier to build energy infrastructure in this country.”

Chatterjee went on to say that the U.S. is going through an “incredible energy transition” — but without actually taking steps to ensure that the process is happening, the shortages will become “really dangerous, when the power goes out when it’s freezing cold outside.”

He then argued that part of the problem is that the government “doesn’t create anything” — but it can, and does, block things, which is “what’s happening right now,” Chatterjee said, adding: “My former colleagues at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are making it harder to build natural gas pipelines in this country.”

Chatterjee also asserted that the Biden administration is making it more difficult to build facilities to export liquified natural gas, which would assist Ukraine and other U.S. allies.

“We need to make it easier to build things,” he said. “You can incentivize new technology for sure. Congress just did that $369 billion in tax incentives for the clean energy transition, but we still have to build stuff. If we don’t build transmission lines in this country to get that clean energy onto the grid, $9 billion might have just been might as well just been flushed down the toilet.”

While the Biden administration is busy incentivizing technology that is not yet viable, they are also attacking domestic oil production — and at the same time begging foreign countries to help fix the problem that President Joe Biden created.

The Biden administration is “going after American oil companies and demonizing them, while simultaneously trying to make nice with the Saudis and begging them to increase production because they’re trying to satisfy their environmental base,” Chatterjee said.

“The reality of the situation is we do it cleaner and better than anyone else in the world. If we increase domestic energy production, not only would it be good from an economics standpoint, but from a national security standpoint, it’s actually better for the environment as well.”