Milley Denies Military ‘Went Woke’

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said this week that the United States military “went woke” over a number of drag queen shows and training exercises. The general’s statements come as Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is leading an effort to block military promotions until what he describes as an improper abortion policy in the armed forces is reversed.

Milley made the comments during an interview with the Washington Post, stating that accusations that the military is teaching critical race theory and left-wing ideas are “overstated.” 

“I’ll use drag queen shows as an example,” the general said. Milley said that the drag shows only happened a “few” times.

Milley said that the drag shows “probably shouldn’t happen.” However, since the events occurred, Milley stated that it would be incorrect to state that “the entire military went woke because a handful of drag queen shows that shouldn’t happen to begin with I think is an overstatement.”

The general’s comments follow congressional testimony in June during which Milley sparred with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

The representative pointed out six drag shows at American military bases. One of the examples was described as “family-friendly.” After Gaetz’s attention, the Nevada event was canceled. 

The military also hired a self-described “nonbinary” drag queen as a “digital ambassador” to help the Navy bring in new recruits.

In addition, the Army now includes “training on gender pronouns and coaching officers on when to offer soldiers gender transition surgery.” The Navy similarly includes training on using “proper gender pronouns.”

Milley cites other reasons for a recruiting shortfall, including the coronavirus pandemic and academic standards, saying that “there’s never a single causal factor.”

Meanwhile, Tuberville has blocked a number of military promotions until his concerns are addressed. The Defense Department issued a new policy in October 2022 which allows for access to abortions in some circumstances, even in states where it is illegal.

The senator told Fox News that Democrats attempted to “change the rules of the game when they’re losing” following his effort.