Migrant Gang Injures NYC Woman In Robbery

Video from New York City showed a woman being dragged behind a moped operated by a gang of migrants who have been stealing cell phones from residents, sparking the latest outrage over the sharp flow of illegal immigrants into the city. The shocking footage followed the beating of two New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers by a group of migrants in Times Square.

Video showed an attempted thief riding a moped, dragging a 62-year-old woman behind him. The thief seriously injured the woman in the attack and robbery which took place right after Christmas. The suspected thieves stole the woman’s handbag, keys, glasses, phone and credit cards.

The moped operator dragged the woman into a metal bicycle rack.

Two of the suspects have since been arrested and have been accused of being part of a wider migrant street gang.

Another man, the group’s suspected leader, is still at large. The migrant was previously arrested for grand larceny in December but was released without being held in jail.

Law enforcement believes that the migrant gang was involved in 62 separate larcenies.

Police also announced investigations into six others believed to be part of the gang. Each of the members have previous grand larceny arrests.

Footage from last month showed a number of migrants attacking NYPD officers, leading to seven arrests. However, law enforcement believes that at least four of the group later fled to California using fake names.

The suspects arrested in the attack were released without being held in jail, despite their illegal status in the country due to the state’s bail reform law. Furthermore, this was done despite one of the suspects having previous arrests in a previous attack and alleged theft.

New York has taken in more than 170,000 migrants since 2022, straining the city’s resources. New York has put up the migrants in hotels and haphazard tent cities, as well as a former airfield. The city has put in place significant budget cuts to help offset the ballooning cost of the migrant influx.