Mexican Troops Break Up MASSIVE Migrant Caravan Making Its Way To US Border

Massive caravans of migrants aren’t a thing of the past, and they’re a thing of the current and future of the United States. Remember the enormous number of illegal immigrants with perfectly white, unscathed, and seemingly recently screen-printed “BIDEN, PLEASE LET US IN” shirts? That was probably the first wave of many expected to arrive after a summer of unrelenting border crossings.

In Huixtla, Mexico, just about the Guatemalan border, Mexican military members surrounded a group of around 400 and separated most and detained others. A Reuters video shows Mexican forces separating families with force to mitigate their trip to the United States. The group came from Haiti, Guatemala, and Central America, and most were middle age or younger with many women and children. Rocks, stones, and batons were used to stop the migrants, and they continued to resist through the next day. The brutality isn’t new from the Mexican government, but it’s refreshing to see something be done about immigration efforts.

Where is the left now? Isn’t Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesting in Mexico, or are they just a “first world” organization? Maybe the Mexican government could benefit from some resistance from blue-haired white kids that live in their parent’s basement. That doesn’t fit Patrisse Cullors’ plan because that might bring actual change, and it would expose how great policing and military use in the United States is and how much freedom we have.

It’s not surprising that people from Guatemala and Central America want to leave. Their socialist economy and political structure aren’t working. According to Trading Economics, some Guatemalans get paid around $12 a day after converting currency, and Cullors planned to profit as much as possible from Black Lives Matter. At the same time, Black Americans were being killed in the street, and they ignored it because it was not the police or a White American killing them.

If this is President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ vision of border security, they need to start over. Not once did police treat Jacob Blake, a Black American who was shot by police, how these migrants are being treated. Blake went to his vehicle and was going to pull out a knife when the police shot him. Then Harris visited his family in the hospital and spoke about the “atrocity” because police defended themselves. It’s hypocrisy at its finest. If the Biden administration actually cared and weren’t just pandering to ideological ideas of immigration, they would speak out about the cruelty instead of ignoring it. They created this mess of a southern border that’s in place, and it’s their job to fix it. But they’re silent.

The migrants should be stopped, and if their wish is to migrate, then provisions are in place for them to do so. While it’s refreshing to see that they’re at least being stopped, the real issue is why they’re migrating, and what can be done in the countries they’re coming from to make their lives better. But Harris and Biden are silent because they know it will affect their popularity and votes. That’s what all of this is about.