Melania Trump Responds To Former Aide Who Secretly Recorded Her

A while ago, former Trump administration aide Stephanie Wolkoff came out with a new book called Melania and Me. The memoir is about what Wolkoff claims to be her time working as an aide to former first lady Melania Trump.

Wolkoff’s book is full of all sorts of questionable claims. Since she’s left the Trump administration, she’s turned into a major critic of not just the Trump family, but also Republicans in general.

In keeping with this, Wolkoff released clipped recordings of the former first lady speaking about the southern border and Christmas decorations.

Now, Melania Trump is setting the record straight by releasing a statement of her own.

An Important Bit of Context
In the recordings that Wolkoff leaked, the former first lady was made to seem as if she didn’t care about Christmas or parent-child separations at the border. Though the narrative that the former Trump aide wanted to create simply isn’t accurate.

In Melania Trump’s public statement, she pointed out that Wolkoff recorded several of the conversations they shared before editing and publicizing them. Trump then stressed the significance that Christmas has to not just her, but also her family.

Later, the former first lady expressed that in Wolkoff’s released recordings of their conversation, she cut out segments about her interest in unifying family members split apart at the border.

Towards the end, Trump warned that her former aide is not to be trusted. Not only was she fired from working for the Trump administration in early 2018, but she was also later charged with confidentiality clause breaches stemming from her previous job.

Trump’s response to the leaked recordings from her ex-aide also pointed out how the media hasn’t painted a fair picture of what was actually said on tape.

Wolkoff’s Personal Vendetta Against the Trump Family
The statement released by the former first lady seems to track with Wolkoff’s own behavior even beyond leaking private conversations.

Wolkoff’s Twitter feed alone is riddled with her slamming Melania Trump and other members of the former first family. Her Twitter bio also directly promotes the memoir she wrote about her time working for Trump.

All in all, it’s very safe to assume Wolkoff and the various claims she makes about the Trumps should be taken with not even a grain of salt.