Melania Derangement Syndrome: Media Distort Leaked Phone Call

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The other day I had a phone conversation with a close woman friend. I was upset about a local news story, and I swore, more than once. My friend was upset about the same thing and was sympathetic. As women friends do, she listened patiently as I worked through my feelings.

According to the New York Times, what I in fact had was “a profane rant.”

That’s the Times headline on the secretly recorded phone call between Melania Trump and her “friend”: “In Profane Rant, Melania Trump Takes Aim at Migrant Children and Critics.” The media seem to think the phone call makes the first lady come off badly. Normal people hear that call and have two thoughts: (1) Melania is a normal person who has feelings, including anger, and opinions. (2) What kind of woman records a phone call and dishes it to the media to embarrass and hurt her friend?

The Times writes that the first lady “mocked the plight of migrant children who were separated from their parents at the border in 2018.” Again, no normal person who listens to the recording can come to that conclusion: “And they said, ‘Oh what about the children, that they were separated?’ Give me a f***ing break. Where they were saying anything when Obama did that?…I was trying to get the kid reunited with the mom. I didn’t have a chance. Needs to go through the process and through the law.”

She is exasperated about media distortions of her efforts to do something to help and their refusal to cover her, and the issue, fairly. That’s the “break” she wants them to give her.

In her “rant,” Melania even takes what seems to me a feminist angle when she complains about spending her time on the White House Christmas decorations. She has no interest in that task, but because she’s a woman, she’s expected to fulfill her role. Aren’t we supposed to like it when strong women reject traditional gender roles?

At one point Melania says, about the liberal media, “They are crazy, OK?”

Yes. Yes, they are.