Media Quickly Get To Work Cleaning Up Biden’s Afghanistan Failure

President Joe Biden doesn’t take suggestions very well. His previous position as Vice President has gotten to his head, and it’s clear he thinks this job is easy. Biden must have been asleep for the last four years because things have changed. Afghanistan isn’t the same as before, and after showing weakness, the Taliban took advantage of the situation at hand. Nobody knows what Biden and the Taliban leader spoke about, but it must have been very different from former President Donald Trump’s conversation with him.

Senator Ben Sasse told CNN, “And we repeatedly again, I mean we, Republicans and Democrats, raised voices at Biden Administration officials, saying, ‘why are you so sure of this, and what is your contingency plan?’ And they would sort of murmur and say, ‘Well, we don’t want to embarrass the President. So we don’t want to go into great detail. But clearly, you’re too pessimistic, but of course, we have a contingency plan,’” but we don’t. It’s showing. Biden was so “confident” that he couldn’t come up with one. The contingency plan seems to be “if things don’t work then leave faster,” because that’s what’s happening right now. It’s amateur. For the foreseeable future, nothing good will come of this.

Biden was warned that things were escalating, and the evidence shows when cities began to be taken over in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Before the United States military exit, Kabul was the last major city in Afghanistan under Taliban control. Of course, media outlets ignored the buildup to the conflict, and it was ignored.
The Taliban is blocking roads to the airport so people can’t leave the country. They want to find and execute every single person who is either an American or assisted the United States military in any capacity.

The Taliban released thousands of inmates from a Kabul prison where rapists, murderers, and violent individuals were held. It won’t cause any issues. What an embarrassment on the world stage.

The Taliban also used free speech against the United States, saying, “This question should be asked of those who claim to be promoters of freedom of speech which do not allow publication of foreign information and news. I n and news. I can ask Facebook this question should be asked of them,” making the Taliban the new voice for freedom of speech on social media platforms. Who would have thought?

Mark Zuckerberg must be embarrassed. This first-world interpretation of free speech and hate speech is ruining the United States. Former President Donald Trump can’t use social media. Still, the Taliban, who has killed thousands of innocent citizens and thousands of military personnel, who are currently executing people in the streets of Afghanistan, have social media platforms. The hypocrisy is more evident now than it ever has been.

Biden will never have the opportunity to run for office after this travesty and may be impeached because of it. But it’s not only the Afghanistan withdrawal, but the southern border crisis is still ongoing, and election audits are still underway. The fight for freedom in the United States isn’t over, and it shouldn’t be forgotten. We still have the opportunity to move forward positively and do everything we can to fix this mess of an administration.