Media Covers LGBT Nightclub Shooting While Ignoring Attempted Murder Of 25 Police Trainees

It appears that the Fake News Media is once again highlighting certain stories while blatantly disregarding others… What else is new?

As many probably know, at least five people were killed after a gunman allegedly shot up a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs Saturday. The shooting reportedly continued until a group of patrons physically stopped the attacker.

Actors of the mainstream media have covered the story very thoroughly, with RedState reporting that the Washington Post’s top four articles all discussed various aspects of the incident. Meanwhile, the New York Times had all of its top three stories about the event, and the Wall Street Journal posted the story near the top of the front page.

All of this is of course not to say that the tragic incident ought to not receive coverage.

RedState discussed the media’s near-complete disregard for another disgusting attack that happened in Los Angeles around the same time:

What I do have a problem with, however, is the astonishing lack of interest by most media outlets in another tragic story: the deliberate mowing down of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s recruits by a deranged driver which injured 25 enlistees, several of them severely. There were broken bones, head trauma, and loss of limbs. “We’re just facing some life-altering injuries for some most severely injured recruits,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

You’d assume there would also be wall-to-wall coverage of this story, wouldn’t you? And yet… I’m not able to find a single article regarding the attack in the Washington Post and only one in the Wall Street Journal. I can find two in the New York Times—but one was written by the Associated Press.

The driver in this heinous Los Angeles attack was subsequently freed with no charges yet filed. RedState noted that none of the aforementioned publications covered this.

Joe Biden joined in the fun; the White House occupant was quick to say that “we must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people” and that “hate” cannot be tolerated.

Reports by the mainstream media have indicated thus far that there is no evidence of the attack being motivated by a hatred for gay people.

This has not stopped some leftists from blaming the shooting on conservatives, an attack that has been addressed by numerous political commentators. Candace Owens of the Daily Wire responded to some of these accusations, sarcastically remarking, “if only we goten on board with parents encouraging children to remove their genital[s].”