McCarthy Challenges Calls For House Censure

The challenger to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in next year’s Republican primary is calling on the House of Representatives to censure him over his non-release of tapes surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 protest at the Capitol. The call came after new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) committed to release the tapes from that day.

David Giglio, who is challenging McCarthy for the Republican nomination, wrote on social media that the House GOP should censure McCarthy over what he claimed was the former speaker’s withholding of public evidence.

Giglio released a statement on social media, stating that McCarthy “could have kept his promise to release the footage to the American people. Doing so could have dismantled the Democrats’ narrative and ended the DOJ’s [Department of Justice’s] Stalin-esque witch hunt nearly a year ago.”

Giglio said that McCarthy kept the tapes’ contents “hidden from the public,” which he alleged allowed federal law enforcement “to operate with unchecked authority, akin to the Gestapo.”

He wrote that the jailing of protesters from the Jan. 6 event happened “without due process” and that the suspects were subjected “to Third World show trials in front of radical activist judges and tainted D.C. juries.”

As a result, the candidate wrote that congressional Republicans “should demand accountability” from McCarthy through censure, “ensuring that all those entrusted with the role in the future prioritize truth and justice over political gains.”

He also called for the removal of “several” representatives who served on the Jan. 6 congressional committee.

Giglio also argued that “the violent events of the day were instigated by undercover federal agents.” He called for a full congressional investigation.

McCarthy released footage from the security cameras to former Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson, who ran a special episode based on his findings.

Johnson said last week that the release of the tapes from the protests “will provide millions of Americans, criminal defendants, public interest organizations and the media an ability to see for themselves what happened that day, rather than having to rely upon the interpretation of a small group of government officials.”