McCarthy Calls It ‘Like He Sees It’ On Sean Hannity’s Show

Since its beginning, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) has stood up to President Joe Biden’s administration. McCarthy filibustered the Build Back Better Act for 8 hours and 26 minutes.

McCarthy was on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show to talk about the Biden Administration, and Hannity said, “Kevin McCarthy. Every single crisis is preventable, and we can solve every crisis as well, return to the ones the policies on energy, on borders, on the economy, on foreign policy that was working under Donald Trump.”

He responded, “The sad part about it, you are right. Had Joe Biden gone to sleep, would our country have been stronger?”

That’s 100% correct. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion of former President Donald Trump, his policies were working. The First Step Act, making the United States oil independent, and the initiatives at the southern border gave the United States a better stance than we had before. Trump wanted to help this country rather than let it go down in flames. Trump didn’t want any citizen to rely on the government but wanted everyone to remain as accessible as possible.

McCarthy continued, “We would be energy independent. It would be China and Russia winning. It would be America that was winning. Our borders would be secure. We wouldn’t have rising inflation. It is a problem. The one-party rule for one year.”

Yes, the checks and balances of the United States don’t work when there’s only one party in control. When unchecked, tyrannical behavior begins to sprout, and you’ve seen it even if you don’t want to admit it. Biden’s attempt at the COVID-19 vaccine mandates has fallen short as federal courts have stopped him, and federal courts have also forced Biden to put Trump’s remain in Mexico policy back in place.

The 2022 midterm elections will blow this country into a new form of freedom. People are so tired of Democrats.

McCarthy also said that we wouldn’t need to worry about the filibuster or inflation or OPEC because the Republicans will not push forward policies that require such measures. He noted that the IRS would go after citizens who spend only $28 a day under Biden. We can’t wait.