‘Masks Off’ For Everyone But Children

The states that are phasing out masks have forgotten about one demographic, children. You can go to the grocery store or anywhere else in most places in the US without the worry of bringing a mask, but when your children go to school, they’re forced to wear a mask regardless of “the science.”

Children are less affected by COVID-19, and the data shows it. There’s less than a 1% chance that a child will die when they contract the virus and still a low chance of a severe infection requiring hospitalization.

Still, Governors, School Boards, and even the Center for Disease Control haven’t changed their guidance on the issue. It will have a long-term impact and, more importantly, a psychological trauma that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Washington, DC is dropping their indoor mask mandate at a time when it’s appropriate. The truth is that it should have been a choice from the beginning, but playing devil’s advocate, there’s no reason for it to continue.

The only demographic left out of the equation was schools. The mandate for bars, restaurants, and anywhere else ends March 1, 2022. The idea is that there are enough preventive measures, and the pandemic portion of COVID-19 is over, allowing Americans to choose for themselves the protection they want. So, why doesn’t that extend to their children? The government is not their parent.

The only people deciding children’s daily activity should be their parents and teachers, and the government has to comply with that, not the other way around. There’s an idea spreading that parents shouldn’t be involved in their children’s education or whatever elected leaders decide for them. That’s not at all what needs to happen. Parents pay taxes that fund the government to educate children for a portion of the day Monday through Friday. The keyword is “portion.” Teachers don’t have an obligation to be a parent or take care of children past the time they leave school, nor should they.

Every American should have the same expectation that the President of the United States has. That expectation is that you can opt-out of wearing a mask regardless of what businesses or governmental mandates say. Biden, the First Lady, and plenty of Governors, Mayors, and Democrat politicians on every level of government have been seen without masks. That means that they’re acting as an example of your actions. Average citizens should have no other expectation but to act in the same manner as they’ve seen displayed in front of them. Anything less is hypocrisy. That should cover everything you need to know about the 2022 midterm elections.