Mask Mandates On Public Transportation Extended Through March 2022

President Joe Biden’s administration extends the travel mask mandate to at least March 2022. Why? Because they don’t follow the science.

If you’ve paid attention to each state’s mortality rate, you’ll realize that Florida has a 1% difference from New York, for example. The lockdown and mandate measures are entirely different, and Florida is in a much better place than New York. It means that there’s a guarantee that governmental response is essential.

Airports, trains, buses, etc. We are going to require all passengers to wear masks. It’s been a highly contested issue that has caused fights and has led to toddlers being kicked off of airplanes. Even though the airline contradicts the details of the incident, children who aren’t wearing masks shouldn’t be cast out of society for not complying.

Individual liberty in the United States is a massive issue regarding mask mandates. There’s no doubt that forcing Americans to wear masks is an issue with bodily autonomy, liberty, and personal medical choice. If the government can force someone to wear a mask and force them to take the Covid-19 vaccine, then where will they stop? It will only grow larger and more potent if politicians push it forward.

Luckily, at least, multiple courts have struck down Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for now. It still questions the future of the decision and if Biden can come back and force Americans to take it to conduct business. Government involvement is never a good thing.

Senate Republicans are actively blocking measures for funding of Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said, “There is leverage immediately in the Senate, and we think that House Republicans ought to be backing up any number of Senate Republicans to use all procedural tools to deny the continuing resolution passage Friday night unless they restrict the use of those funds for vaccine mandates.”

Then, there’s the concern of the Covid-19 Omicron variant. Medical leaders in South Africa, where the variant originated, have said that the symptoms of the variant are very mild. Still, it’s worth noting that there will be a push for mandates and measures that the government will put in place as an overreaction.

The Center for Disease Control has said that the first US-based Omicron variant infection has “had mild symptoms that are improving.”

So, why would there be mandates for mild symptoms? It’s a control tactic that’s going to be overblown. Buckle up because it’s going to heat up quickly.