Maryland Daycare Worker Allegedly Filmed Herself Attacking Children

A Maryland daycare worker not only allegedly roughed up small children but apparently took the unusual step of filming herself in the acts. She has now been arrested.

Kayla Greenwell of Oxon Hill was arrested by the Prince George’s County Police Department Friday after officers received several tips about disturbing videos. The footage showed alleged attacks by Greenwell on the children, and she reportedly posted them on social media.

Greenwell was employed by the Oxon Hill Learning Center, situated roughly 50 miles south of Baltimore. She faces several charges related to the incidents shown on the videos.

Parents expressed their outrage at what was seen on the clips posted on social media. Tim Coleman called it “really shocking” and said he needed “to make sure my son is ok.”

Ledarra White said the attacks “should’ve never happened.” After picking up her three-year-old son Logan, she asked “How did it happen?”

White told reporters she woke up to several messages from concerned acquaintances sending videos to her phone. She was asked “isn’t this your son’s school?” She noted that her discovery of the alarming incidents came through social media and not through the school.

One of the videos believed to be recorded on Wednesday appeared to show Greenwell lifting a small child by the arm and then throwing them on the floor. Another disturbing scene apparently showed the employee knocking the chair out from under a small boy, causing him to fall.

Still more appeared to portray Greenwell tossing a child onto a mattress and then kicking the mattress over. The girl then fell to the floor.

Another allegedly captured her grabbing a child by the shirt and then dropping them onto a mattress.

A local media outlet, WTTB, gathered the disturbing videos and sent them to law enforcement. The Prince George’s County Police Department expressed their gratitude.

In a statement, police said that they “would like to thank Fox5 News for immediately forwarding the video to our Media Relations Division and holding off on airing the video. Doing so,” they added, “allowed PGPD to begin the investigation and make a quick arrest.”

The facility sent a letter to parents Friday acknowledging the “disturbing video” which displayed “inappropriate behavior.” The letter said that a criminal background check of the now-former employee came back clear and that they “take seriously the safety of your children.”