Martha’s Vineyard Residents, Including Obama, Eerily Quiet On Opening Homes To Migrants

It’s just fine for small border towns to be overrun by illegal immigrants, but don’t ask the wealthy enclave of Martha’s Vineyard to take in as few as 50.

The rich liberal utopian setting went into shock when Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew 50 illegals from the Sunshine State to their little slice of heaven. Some residents claimed there are no services to support even a few dozen more, so they must move “somewhere else.”

When Fox News Digital reached out to former President Barack Obama on whether he would allow a tent city on his 29-acre estate, he did not respond.

The same holds true for several other prominent liberal supporters of President Joe Biden, who were contacted but did not respond to queries about their plans to open their homes for the new neighbors.

Famous leftists who stayed silent included director Spike Lee, singer James Taylor, and comedian David Letterman.

The elite enclave of Duke’s County, which consists of 11 counties but has 99% of its residents on Martha’s Vineyard, is ultra-wealthy and overwhelmingly Democratic. In the 2020 presidential race, Biden took 77.7% of the vote to Trump’s 20.6%.

Former President Obama took Duke’s County by 52 points in 2008 and 48 points in 2012.

Contrary to their designation as a liberal hotbed and a place of compassion, the island’s residents immediately decried the arrival of 50 migrants as a “humanitarian crisis.”

Presumably before the last migrant stepped off the plane, the National Guard was activated.

Just two days after their arrival, all 50 migrants were placed on buses and rolled off Martha’s Vineyard where they were to be held in military housing. This is a far cry from the devastation caused to communities all along the southern border by Biden’s unchecked migration policies.

Gov. DeSantis noted that states such as Massachusetts, New York, and California should better care for the illegal migrants who they have “invited into our country.”

That invitation, he explained, was extended through “incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’.” He further noted that the welcome was also granted through the White House’s “open border policies.”