Mark Levin: Joe Biden Is ‘The Most Lawless President’ In Modern American History

Mark Levin has been a huge critic of President Joe Biden and one of the most analytical of him as he outlines not only the terrible job that he’s done but the Constitutionality behind his arguments. Levin is an author and the host of “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News. 

“Joe Biden is the most lawless president in modern American history. You can talk about Nixon. You can talk about whomever you want. Joe Biden day in and day out violates the Constitution and federal statutory law, and he’s done it when it comes to immigration” are acceptable words by Levin and the explanation of at least one point where Biden is violating the Constitution.  

Immigration isn’t a “virtue signal” issue where the law can be swept under the rug when your personal feelings don’t align with the requirements of your executive position. The fact that Biden’s administration is failing on all fronts on this topic should tell you all you need to know about their commitment to the Constitution and the American people.

When illegal aliens are given more freedom and priority than American citizens, the administration has to go. There can’t ever be a situation where citizens’ rights fall behind someone who broke the law to get into this country.  

Levin notes 8 U.S. Code 1151 – Worldwide level of immigration and how Biden should uphold the law when dealing with the southern border.  

He explains what the U.S. Attorney General is doing about Biden’s refusal to obey the law, “So, what is the Attorney General of the United States doing about this? Well, he’s busy suing the state of Georgia under the 1965 voting rights act in a completely bogus lawsuit. A political lawsuit that’s suggesting that Georgia is discriminating against minorities and Georgia is doing no such thing.” Levin says that the proper discrimination is Biden’s attempts to block school choice that will negatively affect minorities in inner cities where funding is cut short. The actual plan is to make sure kids are stuck in their schools so that the Biden administration can mandate the Covid-19 vaccine and push Critical Race Theory and whatever nonsense they can.  

Levin gets into more of the Biden administration’s ridiculous antics by explaining how lawless the Department of Justice has become under his order that they’re going after parents at school boards and trying to get in on the Texas Heartbeat Bill Supreme Court case. It’s become evident that Biden doesn’t believe in states’ rights the more you look at his mandates and how he conducts himself. 

“In other words, we have a lawless Department of Justice that is focused on a political and policy agenda that also won’t enforce existing law,” said Levin. The fact that the Attorney General isn’t interested in the existing cases of Hunter Biden and others shows that they have more of an interest in going after everyday parents and citizens than they do in investigating actual corruption inside of the government.  

Even the 600+ “insurrectionists” that the FBI arrested weren’t rioting at all. Several hundred were charged for trespass and damage, but Capitol Police waved in most. The fact that over 600 Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters weren’t arrested and aren’t held up anywhere is Levin’s best explanation of the oppressive, authoritarian government that the Biden administration has become.  

“Today, the Democrat Party is all in trashed the independence of the Supreme Court. It is what they believe. They don’t believe in following the law. Look, right now, forget about even the law, our traditions, and customs. We’re supposed to be a representative republic.”  

That means that citizens have a vested interest in politics, and since they do, it should be considered in any placement of policy or laws that citizens have to follow and what is taught in schools. The federal government must listen to the people, or it will harm them. They will ultimately lose control and fail to get re-elected. 

The Biden administration is threatening the stability and continuance of the United States, changing the fundamental values of the governance.