Many Deadly Mass Shootings Post-COVID Occurred In Blue States

A mass shooting in California that left 11 people dead this weekend serves as a tragic reminder that much of the most fatal mass shootings in America since the COVID-19 pandemic’s beginning took place in states with stringent gun laws.

The deadliest mass shooting since the padenimc’s inception happened in Uvalde, Texas, taking the lives of 21 elementary school kids.

As Just The News pointed out, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, founded in major part by Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Gabby Giffords, rated Texas as an “F grade” for gun laws, given the state permits constitutional carry and has little restrictions on weapons as compared to bluer states.

The next four worst shootings took place in states that have much stricter gun control laws, earning a “B” grade from Giffords.

As the outlet noted, half of the ten deadliest mass shootings during this time happened in states that were rated at least an “A-” grade on gun control.

Just The News reported:

California, New York, and Illinois are all high-scoring states in the eyes of the Giffords institute. Restrictions for carrying firearms and weapons bans can be found in all three states.

Another mass shooting tragically occurred around the time of writing this article in California’s San Mateo County, with 7 reported victims.