Manhunt For Suspects In New Times Square Attack

Law enforcement officials announced that they were looking for more than a dozen suspects after a stabbing attack during a large fight in New York City’s Times Square. The latest incident came after a group of migrants were caught on camera attacking several New York Police Department (NYPD) officers and a separate shooting by a migrant minor in the same popular tourist destination.

A 17-year-old migrant minor was stabbed Thursday night in Times Square during a large fight that included several dozen people. The stabbed male was reportedly from Nicaragua and had been chased by a crowd which then stabbed him around 5;30 p.m. The young man was also struck in the head several times and fell.

The fight allegedly began after the suspects allegedly screamed at the teen and his friends.

They reportedly shouted “What’s up? What are you looking at?”

The young man was sent to the hospital and is in stable condition.

Following the stabbing seven people were arrested.

Despite the arrests, the NYPD is seeking 16 more suspects related to the case.

One of the suspects arrested was a young man who was charged with the attack and for alleged criminal possession of a weapon. The suspects’ minor brothers were also arrested. Police reported the arrest of another minor who was subsequently released and charges not pressed.

Two of those detained are believed to be migrants.

In a separate incident on the same night, another man was attacked outside a Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. There was another large brawl that broke out surrounding this incident.

The man was allegedly attacked by three suspects and received minor injuries and was brought to the same hospital.

The attack on NYPD officers was caught on video and received national attention. A number of migrants were arrested in connection to the attack, with one allegedly trying to flee to California under an assumed name.

In the other incident, a tourist was shot by a migrant minor who also attempted to flee the city but was apprehended.