Manchin’s Disapproval Of Build Back Better Is Evidence Of A ‘Woke Loss’ For Biden

There are plenty of signs that someone is veering off in the wrong direction, and President Joe Biden should turn back, and there’s still time. It’s comforting to hear Biden say, “There is no federal solution to COVID. It gets solved at a state level.” Sometimes defeat can be a good thing. Biden’s statement suggests that the federal government won’t push mandates anymore, but time will tell.

Thankfully, the United States government is set up to allow a small number of politicians to disrupt bad legislation from getting passed. You see that with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) blocking the Build Back Better Act.

Biden could latch on to Manchin to figure out precisely what the people of the U.S. want, but instead, Biden pushes back, and the White House makes statements against him. Biden shows precisely what a bad president is like, and people take notes. Republicans are destroying Democrats in early polling, and Republicans have made waves in elections in 2020 that should make Democrats very nervous.

People are getting uneasy with the control that Democrats have had. Unfortunately, it’s a good thing that we’re living through, but the positives should outweigh the negatives in the 2022 midterm elections and 2024. Hopefully, we’ll all be out of this stronghold that Biden has over the entire country, and he’ll be old news. No coins or money will be made with Biden’s face on it is all I’m saying.

The woke among us are in few numbers. It’s obvious when elections come up and when legislation is put forward. That’s on the left and right. The radical might be the loudest, but they don’t represent the rational Democrat or Republican that you see screaming in the streets. That’s what Biden needs to understand when he’s re-evaluating the Build Back Better Act in the Senate in 2022, and Biden’s colleagues also need to understand that. The spending spree is over before it ever began, and some of the socialist programs in the bill aren’t going to fly. Manchin isn’t making it up when he says that inflation is here and Biden’s spending isn’t making it go away.

Legislative activism is pushing its way through and showing itself in each new bill that gets put forward. We need to get back to single-issue bills and stop cramming so many things into each bill that it’s impossible to vote on.

The parties are separated, but both parties’ polarization of policies and desires has to cool down. Most political passions aren’t going anywhere, which is a good thing. Democrats have numbered days and are trying to do everything they can with the few they have.